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Black Marlin Construction is an experienced, full-service, residential home building and renovating firm that specializes in exceptional quality and architectural style within the Atlanta Metro area.

Our leadership understands each aspect of the building and renovation process, from planning and budgeting to site selection, architecture and construction. We specialize in building various architectural styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Our success rests on an unwavering commitment to quality and a passion for creativity in design. From full-scale custom builds to complete remodels, we hold ourselves and our trades to the highest standards of quality.

The key to exceeding our clients’ expectations is our homeowner-builder collaboration and communication process. From the moment we break ground to long after move-in, we make ourselves available to ensure our homes are safe, comfortable, and beautiful. We pride ourselves on an established tradition of excellence that produces the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal, enduring beauty, lasting value, and functionality.

Black Marlin Construction is committed to creating residences that bring a lifetime of enjoyment and long-term value.

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Black Marlin Construction

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